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▲▼ the dress-up booth by erica newman & diana huang

Without leaving the confines of the physical booth, users can see themselves transported to another time and imaginative world via their virtual physical image and surroundings; a ‘photo booth’ that allows you to virtually dress up in different vintage outfits and accessories.

About the Project


Dress-up is an age-old play activity that inspires fun, creativity and re-imagination of the self. Similarly, classic photobooths seem to incite a certain level of play and intimacy in the subjects that aren’t usually captured in other types of photography. In Dress-Up Booth, we combine both ideas to create a physical booth with a mounted camera that allows users to virtually “dress up”, seeing different garments on their bodies — from vintage paper-doll looks to pirate eye patches to haute couture. By using the paper-doll style, we hope to evoke a certain sense of nostalgia and history to augment the fantasy of the experience. Various image options will be available for the user to select and “try on” and will be visualized in a Processing sketch. Using fluorescent tabs at the shoulders or a vest of the same, these images will be mapped via color tracking. Resizing will be taken into account to accommodate different shoulder widths and proximity to the camera. 

imageUpon entering the booth, participant(s) enter the booth and place brightly colored piece around shoulders. After selecting a garment from a variety of virtual outfits, the color-tracking program will then position the garments on the body based on the position of the color at neck/shoulders area. During the experience, participants will then be able see themselves on the computer screen, be able to move around on screen with their virtual garments and choose a position to capture a jpeg that will be posted to a website they can access at a later date. 

Updates/Documentation on the project will be posted here. Enjoy! 

-Diana & Erica 

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